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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Planning ahead - Health Care Directives and their use during the COVID-19 pandemic and in general


Planning ahead – Powers of Attorney, Wills and Health Care Directives and their use during the COVID-19 pandemic and in general

Please see our earlier articles to learn more about Powers of Attorney and Wills

Part 3 – Health Care Directive

What is the purpose of a Health Care Directive?

A health care directive is a document that states your healthcare and treatment directions to be used by your medical professionals. It also allows you to give another person the power to make medical decisions for you should you ever be unable to make them yourself.


How do I make a Health Care Directive during COVID-19?

A healthcare directive can be prepared by Bennet Waugh Corne on your behalf.  If you are proceeding through our office, we would be able to provide you with information and advice to ensure a clear and concise Health Care Directive. 

Prior to finalizing your care instructions, we recommend that you speak with your family doctor or health care professional to ensure that both you and your healthcare professional understand the meaning and effect of your direction. 

The Manitoba government has also prepared a form for your convenience, which is available on the Government of Manitoba website: There is also a helpful guide on Health Care Directives available at



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